In the summer of 20—, the editor of the NY

Times Book Review asked me to review the treatise, The

Romanovs by one Oscar Berg. I agreed to conduct the

review, though I am not a specialist in forensic anthropology,

because of my research on the Russian Revolution, and

also because there can be value in an outsider’s perspective.

The improbable and undocumented conclusions Berg has drawn, the misrepresentation

of information by means of paraphrasing, the distortion by way

of omissions in quotations, the outright wrong quotations made this

a most painful and wearisome book to read and review.

Professor Stephen F. Cohen
New York University
July 14, 20–


Paraphrases from Uncertain Shield: The U.S. Intelligence System in the Throes of Reform by Judge Richard A. Posner and Talent and Genius: The Fictitious Case of Tausk contra Freud by K.R. Eissler.