TSIPRAS:  Thank you for seeing me, Mrs. Merkel. I just want to apologize for the unfortunate incident that brings us to this unpleasant juncture. I am new to statecraft.  I was just elected Prime Minister of Greece a few months ago. I didn’t know what I was doing when I held a referendum on EU debt proposals.

MERKEL: That’s not my problem, is it?

TSIPRAS: No, of course not. You were politically vulnerable when you demanded a full repayment of the debt and I shouldn’t have held that referendum. But, nevertheless, you did make harsh demands on Greece, on the Greek people.

MERKEL: What’s your point? –

TSIPRAS: What’s my point? –

MERKEL: Yeah. Do you even have one?

TSIPRAS: You know it’s not my fault or my government’s that your predecessor governments waged an aggressive war in 1914 that led to the humiliating defeat of Germany in 1918 and the subsequent humiliation of the German people and subsequent hyperinflation during the Weimar Republic.  It’s not my fault that the Reich murdered millions of innocent people and that the German people suffered collective guilt for the crimes of their government.

MERKEL: – You’ve no right to talk about German history.

TSIPRAS: You chose to turn Europe into a doormat, a punching bag or whatever metaphor for bullying you’re comfortable with and the German people suffered the consequences.  The German people were punished for the crimes of their government.  It was the German people who suffered because of the actions of their governments under the Kaiser, the Weimar Republic and the Reich.  The German people were humiliated because of the actions of their leaders. And that makes you furious, doesn’t it? The German people have probably spent their entire miserable lives blaming other people for all the mistakes their leaders made. Now you want the Greek nation to pay for that? You want to humiliate the Greek people, the Greek nation. Jesus, lady, just how fucking low are you willing to sink? This debt plan of yours is gonna cost my people its sovereignty! That’s my point!

MERKEL: Get out.  Get the fuck out of the Eurozone!