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Your Question: My modem isn’t working. None of the lights are lit.

Please wait and one of our customer specialists will be with you shortly.

Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our customer specialists will be with you shortly.

Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our customer specialists will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Terra H. (Customer Care) – Customer Care

13:21Terra H.: Hello Gary! Thank you for contacting RCN! I would be happy to assist you today.

13:22Terra H.: I’m sorry to hear that you are having an issue with your modem. I can certainly look into this for you. Please allow me a few moments to access your account.

13:25Terra H.: Are you still with me Gary?

13:25Gary Freedman: Still here

13:27Terra H.: I see you have been a customer with us since March! Thank you! Checking your modem I am showing that it is offline. However, because you are using your own personal modem I am very limited to the amount of support that I am able to provide for this device.

13:27Gary Freedman: Could you send out a technician?

13:29Terra H.: We can certainly send out a technician; I must advise because this is not an RCN device if that is found to be the source of the issue a fee of $49.95 would be applied for the visit. I do want to let you know RCN does offer router and modem rentals. The great thing about using our equipment is that it does provide you with 24 hr technical support should you ever need it. As well as if the equipment ever needs to be repaired or replaced RCN will send someone out to take care of that at no cost to you. We certainly want your services to be working. However; we are limited to what we can do with personal equipment.

13:30Gary Freedman: I will pay the $49.95 for tech support.

13:33Terra H.: I can certainly set this up for you Gary to get someone out. If the issue is found to be from your modem the RCN technician would not be able to do anything with your own equipment. If the issue is with our services he we definitely get that corrected for you.

13:33Gary Freedman: I understand. I would like tech support.

13:34Terra H.: Certainly.

13:34Gary Freedman: One thing. I tried disconnecting all the cables for 60 sec the reconnecting. That didn’t help.

13:34Terra H.: Please allow me just a moment to see what the first available is for you Gary.

13:35Terra H.: I can note that for the technician.

13:36Terra H.: I do have appointments tomorrow 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, and 4-6.

13:36Gary Freedman: Tomorrow 10-12 is a good time.

13:37Terra H.: Great! And what is a good contact number that I can list for you Gary?

13:37Gary Freedman: 202 362 xxxx. That’s my home landline.

13:38Gary Freedman: My email is

13:39Terra H.: I do have that scheduled for you Gary. We will be out tomorrow to look into this for you.

13:40Gary Freedman: Thank you very much. You have been very helpful. Have a nice day!!