Oscar Berg never tired in his search after that transcendental

and supernatural secret of the Absolute and he did not

recognize that the great secret of the transcendental, the miracle

of the metaphysical is that it does not exist. The

very notion that one might imagine the strange sublunary poetry

which lies in a particle of an inch at the

other end of a microscope was so wantonly extravagant that

he was destined to be mocked for spending his whole

life, both interest and principal, in a vain search for it.

While he was lost in his quest, life eluded him.


Paraphrases from The Haunting Melody by Theodor Reik; Poetry of the Universe: A Mathematical Exploration of the Cosmos by Robert Osserman; The Ambassadors by Henry James; The Angry Theater by John Russell Taylor; Song of Myself by Walt Whitman; Don Juan by George Gordon, Lord Byron; Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak; and The Lives of the Great Composers by Harold Schoenberg.