Solitude and lonesomeness reigned in Oscar Berg’s inner world. It

was an inert golden-green region, enchanting to his gaze. To

his colleagues he was withdrawn and aloof. But he had

another, covert side. Unbeknownst to others he was exquisitely sensitive,

deeply curious about others, hungry for love, envious of others’

spontaneity, and intensely needy of involvement with others. Alone in

his awkwardly narrow apartment the languorous Oscar Berg imagined another

life. He harbored a secret affinity with the roguish adventurer.

His alter ego was wild, savage. The near-celibate Oscar Berg

madly fantasized about debauchery in The Land of the Fuck.


Paraphrases from the article “Schizoid Personality Disorder: A Synthesis of Developmental, Dynamic, and Descriptive Features” by Salman Akhtar.