Last night, January 13, 2016, an MPDC officer showed up at my door.  He asked me if I was OK.  He said a person named Monica had called the police concerned about my welfare.  “Monica?”  I told him that I didn’t know any Monica, that I have never known anybody named Monica.  He repeated, “A Monica called to say she was worried about your welfare.”  A puzzlement.  Then he said, checking his notepad, “Her last name is Acharya.”  Then it clicked.  Monica Acharya is the name of my psychiatrist’s supervisor at the K Street Clinic.  I told the officer that.  That was the end of that.  Apparently, the following letter caused a bit of a stir.  I’m guessing that the D.C. Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) contacted the K Street Clinic, setting the ball in motion.

What really irks me is that DBH will call the police in alarm, but it will do absolutely nothing to help me find an appropriate psychodynamic-oriented therapist.  They are total bureaucrats.