On Saturday September 12, 1987 I stopped over Craig Dye’s place on U Street in the afternoon.  He was playing something by Prokofiev.  It was rainy that day and Craig loaned me his umbrella when I left.

On about Saturday July 28, 1990 — I’m not sure of the date —  Craig went to Wolf Trap with friends to see Sergei Eisenstein’s film Ivan the Terrible.  Prokofiev had written the film score for that movie, which an orchestra performed that evening.

It’s like my mind is a computer and I can Google this crap:

Google Search: “Craig Dye Prokofiev”

This is how I wrote Significant Moments.  I could simply go though in my mind associations of things I had read over the years.  And then in 1992 when I went to GW they said I had loose associations and flight of ideas and they wanted to prescribe antipsychotic medication.  What do you have to say about this, President Trahctenburg?  Would you give antipsychotic medication to a computer?