In the fall of 1969 I was 15 years old, an 11th grader attending The Central High School of Philadelphia.  One of my courses that school year was chemistry taught by Mrs. Ethel Fischer.  In October 1969 the N.Y Mets baseball team won the World Series.  Mrs. Fischer, who was originally from New York City, commented on the fact that the Mets were a young team but that they had secured their place in the sun.  I always remembered that.

The 1969 World Series was played between the Mets and the Baltimore Orioles, with the Mets prevailing in five games to accomplish one of the greatest upsets in Series history, as that particular Orioles squad was considered to be one of the finest ever (and still is by some baseball pundits). The World Series win earned the team the sobriquet “Miracle Mets”, as they had risen from the depths of mediocrity (the 1969 team had the first winning record in Mets history).

Do you think Perry Rubenstein remembers that?