SIMON: Hard Brexit is bad. The Guardian is right on this
It seems like it would be bad.
Yes but nationalist hatred of immigration is being pandered too by the Tories. If we end freedom of movement we leave the single market and the economy will suffer.
Irrational is the new normal
GARY: It seems like the Hard Brexiters want to build a wall around Britain — and make Europe pay for it!! Hahahahhahahahaha!!!
SIMON: Yes. I have used that very line before. Apt comparison
Can Trump win? Even after everything…
GARY: I worry a lot about Trump winning. The popular vote is pretty close. But they say that Hillary has the electoral college sewn up. They say Trump would need to win every battleground state to pull out a victory — not likely.
SIMON: That is good but then the odds were also against Brexit. My worry would be the size of the shy Trump voters. People may tell the pollsters different thongs
GARY: Trump keeps saying he’s going to pull off a “Brexit.”
I think Hillary is favoured but I think it could be closer than some think.
GARY: The news today about the FBI doing additional investigation into Hillary’s emails is worrisome. The Republicans are really making hay of this.
SIMON: I read that too. Whatever the truth, it will damage her.
GARY: It was a huge story in the states.
SIMON: I have big problems with Clinton on policy but would vote for herself in any swing state. Seems like 90% of America is voting for a lesser evil one way or another.
Sanders was the best candidate for me but there you go. Good chat gary. But I must sleep. Ttyl
GARY: Cheerio!
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