The Two Minutes Validation

Because of the emotional and psychological nature of Mr. Freedman’s complaints and those lodged against him, Messrs. Lassman and Race also sought professional guidance from two outside consultants: (1) a representation from the Employee Assistance Program; and (2) a practicing psychiatrist. The two professionals advised that Claimant should seek counseling and did not oppose respondent’s recommendation to terminate Claimant. One of them identified Claimant’s habit of putting a negative meaning to virtually every event as “ideas of reference” and cautioned that individuals in similar circumstances may become violent. (See Attachment F).

After deliberating with Claimant’s supervisor and other members of Respondent’s Management Committee, the decision was made to terminate Claimant.

The Two Minutes Validation

Once every day the Party Secretary and his subordinates met

for the Two Minutes Validation. The Party Secretary together with

the Comrade from the Ministry and the Comrade from the

Department shared their thoughts about suspected counter-revolutionaries and other enemies

of the state. Goldstein admired Gruzhin and therefore, according to

the Comrade from the Ministry, must be a counter-revolutionary. But,

interjected the Comrade from the Department, Goldstein also extolled Krinsky.

The Party Secretary surmised that Goldstein extolled Krinsky cynically to

conceal his counter-revolutionary inclinations. “I agree,” said the Comrade from

the Ministry. “I concur,” said the Comrade from the Department.