In an earlier post I talked about how my father used to beat me when I was a boy. I also talked about my maternal aunt and how my parents acquiesced in her arrogation of a parental role.

An examination of my aunt’s relations with others provides insight into her interactions within the family. It’s amazing how similar people (my father and my aunt) find each other.

In point of fact, my aunt believed in abusive parenting.

I once overheard her tell a story to my mother. My aunt said she was talking to a mother with young kids. The mother reported that she was hoarse from yelling at her kids. My aunt said to the mother: “Instead of yelling at them, why don’t you just hit them.” Why don’t you just hit them. Hahaha!

On another occasion she talked about a neighbor’s child who used to cry all the time. My aunt said she cured the child of crying by laughing at her and ridiculing her every time she started to cry. — And by the way, what business was it of hers?  This was another person’s child !!

Dr. Shengold could devote a whole chapter to my aunt!!  No, a whole book!