Ms. Landsman:

May I interest you to take a look at an unusual novel I have written titled The Emerald Archive? The book is about a Jewish-Iranian emigre family living in Manhattan. The book is actually a theme and variations. It opens with a three-page prose “theme” that summarizes the plot of the entire book. The remaining 480 pages are a series of poems that function as a collection of variations on the theme. The story unfolds through the poems. The final page, in prose, ties together the themes of the book.

The major characters of my book include a high-earning dental surgeon and his depressive wife, a gay librarian, an accounting student, a stripper, a concert pianist and a Park Avenue psychoanalyst. There are numerous minor characters.

I am convinced that had Marcel Proust been a plagiarist, this is the very novel he would have written !!


Gary Freedman
Washington, DC