Young Avram Dehpour awaited the arrival of his piano teacher.

The old Russian, Yurovsky, held out great promise for Avram,

whose precocious musical talent was nurtured by close, unwearied practice.

Short pieces were Avram’s métier in childhood – especially Schumann’s Kinderscenen.

Träumerei pleased the old Russian, while Avram played softly, nervously.

Yurovsky, with his huge Rachmaninoff hands, frightened the young boy.

The old man was murderous in discipline, a true fanatic.

“I can play Schumann’s Kinderscenen.” – “All of them?” Yurovsky asked.

“I can play all of the pieces of Opus 15.”

“What? What?” – “It’s all over, Avram. The lesson is over.”