I have problems in groups.  I feel that at times I become the target of group aggression.  A former psychiatrist, Stanley Palombo, M.D. opined that my problem was that I was a freak.  He was referring to the fact that I had problems in law firms where I worked as an underemployed attorney.  He thought my employment status  created a bad dynamic between me and others.

I have formulated my own theory.

I will become a target of aggression in any group that has regressed to a paranoid state.  I am chosen as a target by the regressed group because of a number of personality characteristics that I retain in a regressed group setting: my individuality (which would trigger envy according to Dr. Kernberg), my rebelliousness (an attribute that the group fears in itself, needs to deny or envies according to Dr. Kibel), and unconscious guilt (an attribute that makes me seek out group punishment.)  (I may possess other personal attributes that trigger aggression in regressed groups.)

There is circumstantial evidence for this theory.  I had severe problems with coworkers at Hogan and Hartson.  After I left the firm, I had frequent social interactions with these very people.  While working at the firm a paranoid dynamic prevailed and I was scapegoated.  After I left the firm that paranoid dynamic did not prevail and they accepted me as a social companion.


Elliot Jaques:  individuals struggling with unconscious guilt may become scapegoats in paranoid groups


Howard D. Kibel: a rebellious person may become a scapegoat in a paranoid group


An individualist can become a target of aggression in a paranoid group: