Earl said to me recently: “Freedman, you often talk about good breasts and bad breasts.  You talk about bad mouths.  Is there such a thing as a good mouth?”

Yes, Earl, there is such a thing as good mouth.

Let’s review.  The bad mouth depletes and damages the good breast through its taking of milk.  The bad mouth is greedy, parasitical, demanding and biting.

When the good mouth feeds from the good breast, its act of taking inures to the narcissistic integrity of the good breast.  That is, the good mouth’s taking showcases the bounty of the good breast.

Let’s take the case of Goodwill Industries.  Goodwill’s clients are the good mouth.  Their taking showcases the beneficence of Goodwill.  The clients are good and blameless people and the benefits they receive show what a great organization Goodwill is.  Goodwill’s clients’ act of taking does not damage and deplete Goodwill; the clients taking does not expose these good people to be greedy, demanding and parasitical.

That’s the good mouth.


There are better examples. A far better example would be a situation where the taking could be seen as good or bad depending on your point of view. I don’t know of any perspective from which a Goodwill client could be depicted as a bad person.