One of the readers of this blog posted the following reply to one of my posts:

I don´t know why you think that talking to a psychiatrist could be any different from talking to your average person. It is normal human behavior to see the issue rather in the secluded one than in the group which secludes the person when it comes to inter-people issues.

The “findings” employed in psychotherapy serve no purpose but to give justification to find a mental sickness with someone who does not fit in for a bunch of reasons, it is never about helping people but about putting people in categories so that a (costly) longterm treatment can begin.

A lot of the reasons why people feel the need to go to psychotherapy can actually be cleared out quite easily from an anthropological point of view since human societies specifically developed in a way that these tendencies in people could be given room in a capacity that they are beneficial to the whole and not specifically to the individual so of course there is a lot of unhappiness that is in fact not “treatable”.

What I am trying to get at here is that it is obvious that a “normal” person would rather see the issue with the individual instead of the group in your example here even if it´s stupidly obvious that it´s actually the other way around since questioning the group as a whole would disrupt what is crucial for the survival of every single member of the group, the group itself. Humans as a species are coded to function like this and a psychotherapist is no exception to that even if his lengthy training in his job field would have you believe something else.

In fact it is again easily explainable from an anthropological point of view why only so very few members of society are capable of “thinking outside the box” to such a big margin, you guessed it: because sheep mentality at large means survival.
There simply are vastly too many people out there employed in the fields of mental health treatment for an individual to be lucky enough to actually get to someone among them who possesses the necessary qualities to “think outside the box” to “help” someone for real.

I nonetheless wish you more luck with your “next psychotherapist”.