A former treating psychiatrist, Stanley R. Palombo, M.D. once said to me, “It bothers you that people think you are a homosexual.”

What I think Dr. Palombo was saying is that there were ideas floating around in the average expectable environment, and because of an intrapsychic issue in me I was hypersensitive to those ideas.

That’s not my thinking.  My formulation would be “I have personality pathology.  My personality pathology causes certain people (narcissistically disturbed people or people under the influence of disturbed group process) to react to me in disturbed ways.  I am bothered by that disturbed reaction.”

Dr. Palombo consistently failed to see that personality pathology in an individual is played out in an interpersonal field.   This assumption, that intrapsychic functioning plays out in an interpersonal field, is the basis of the A.K. Rice Conference Group, which is based on Bion’s ideas.  (Bion’s ideas grew out of Melanie Klein’s work.)

My ideas about this matter grows out of relational psychoanalysis, which grows out of the work of Melanie Klein.  I naturally gravitate to Kleinian thinking.  Whatever that means.