” . . . May heaven have mercy on the European intellect if one wanted to subtract the Jewish intellect from it.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Letter to His Mother or His Sister.
Attention must be paid!
Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman.
Aye, to whom?
O. Henry, To Him Who Waits.
. . . the Jews.
George Eliot, Daniel Deronda.
Why the Jews?
Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin, Why the Jews?: The Reason for
. . . what is due them?
O. Henry, Schools and Schools.
“I’m sorry for interrupting . . . . If you would just answer my question, I would be grateful.”
Adam Liptak, Bitter Fight Behind Him, Justice Gorsuch Starts Day With
What Is Due Them?
Thomas Aquinas, Richard J. Regan and William P. Baumgarth, On Law, Morality, and Politics.
What Europe owes to the Jews?—Many things, good and bad, and above all one thing of the nature both of the best and the worst: the grand style in morality, the fearfulness and majesty of infinite demands, of infinite significations, the whole Romanticism and sublimity of moral questionableness—and consequently just the most attractive, ensnaring, and exquisite element in those iridescences and allurements to life, in the aftersheen of which the sky of our European culture, its evening sky, now glows—perhaps glows out. For this, we artists among the spectators and philosophers, are—grateful to the Jews.
Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.
What does this mean? Is he just mad?
Richard Wagner, Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg.
—that’s all gibberish!—
The Diary of Richard Wagner 1865-1882 – The Brown Book.
Of course it’s gibberish!
Eric Flint and Richard Roach, Forward the Mage.