Action for defamation, abuse of process, intentional infliction of emotional distress the proximate result of outrageous conduct.


Pain and suffering:

My doctor had to double the dose of my anti-depressant medication earlier this year (January 2017).  My depression has clearly worsened.The plaintiff in some defamation cases is also entitled to recover damages for what is generally called pain and suffering, which can be a significant component of
Pain and suffering in defamation cases includes not just mental pain and suffering, but also things like mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and anxiety. Significant mental pain and suffering can also cause severe anger, appetite loss, lack of energy, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, and/or sleep disturbances.

These non-economic damages in defamation cases also include such injuries as impairment to the victim’s reputation and standing in the community, personal humiliation, shame, and disgrace.

2. Loss of Second Amendment Rights.  I am prohibited from purchasing a gun for a five year period.  I can’t go hunting !!

3. Impairment of First Amendment right of free expression.

4. Malicious prosecution

5. Have had to report to a parole officer every three months.  I, who have led a blameless life, have been treated like a common criminal !!

6.  Loss of medical services at a clinic that I relied on for 11 years.

7. Possible invasion of privacy depending on improper communications.

8.  I had to submit to drug testing every three months.  I had to pee into a cup in the middle of the day !!  I have never used drugs, let alone had a drug conviction.

Worried about my coming within 500 feet of his house?  I may end up owning his house !! And his lawyer’s house.