I recently had a dream about the city of Vienna that seemed to carry idealized thoughts of Sigmund Freud.


The dream’s affect seemed to center on sadness, death and loss.

Oddly, one of my previous dreams seemed to center on these same feelings and concerned my idealized thoughts about another resident of Vienna, namely, Beethoven.


Be that as it may.

The recent dream occurred on June 11, near the summer solstice, an event that has emotional significance for me. The manifest content of the dream seems to center on the issues of darkness and light.



One of my favorite poems is the following, which contains the line: “Perhaps someday the darkness will be banned.”


In the beginning was the rule of sacred kings
Who hallowed field, grain, plow, who handed down
The law of sacrifices, set the bounds
To mortal men forever hungering

For the Invisible Ones’ just ordinance
That holds the sun and moon in perfect balance
And whose forms in their eternal radiance
Feel no suffering, nor know death’s ambience.

Long ago the sons of the gods, the sacred line,
Passed, and mankind remained alone,
Embroiled in pleasure and pain, cut off from being,
Condemned to change unhallowed, unconfined.

But intimations of the true life never died,
And it is for us, in this time of harm,
To keep, in metaphor and symbol and in psalm,
Reminders of that sacred reverence.

Perhaps some day the darkness will be banned,
Perhaps some day the times will turn about,
The sun will once more rule us as our god,
And take the sacrifices from our hand.
–Hermann Hesse