My thoughts about Dr. Stern’s paper. I think it is shallow, simplistic and dehumanized. First of all how can a psychoanalyst present a case without a patient history or any biographical facts. We end up knowing nothing about this patient other than the fact that he is caught in a struggle to preserve his self esteem. He talks about the patient as if he were a corporation — a nonhuman entity that is solely interested in maximizing profits (interpersonal exploitiveness) and preserving an idealized self image through public relations and advertising. I find it interesting that Dr. Stern compares the patient in his relationship to his analyst to a customer accessing cash through an “ATM” machine — a revealing comparison perhaps. Maybe it is Dr. Stern who is projecting a dehumanized corporate image onto the patient !! There is more to humans — even narcissistically disturbed humans — than a struggle about preserving self esteem. I ended up feeling sorry for the patient even if he was an obnoxious bastard.