I don’t understand the dialogue.


I listen to the teacher and am unable to follow him.


I don’t understand anything that he says but I listen with keen interest.


The cantor sings in Hebrew. ( I don’t understand Hebrew.)


Early in my work with Dr. Palombo, he asked me why I was not practicing law. I said, “Lawyers wouldn’t understand what I was talking about. They would think I was crazy.” Dr. Palombo dismissed this statement as if it were ridiculous. Again, psychoanalysts should not censor their patients. Sometimes patients reveal deep meaning and conflicts in seemingly ridiculous statements.  Obviously, the issues of understanding and misunderstanding (or incomprehension) are emotionally-charged for me.

(See the attached paper about a law student who felt that he was chronically misunderstood by others.


Here’s another example of Dr. Palombo dismissing me:


God knows what Dr. Palombo would have said if I had told him I arouse psychotic anxieties in people. But I do arouse psychotic anxieties in people in groups.

(“I’m afraid he might come back and kill us or something.”)

(“We’re all afraid you’re going to buy a gun, bring it in, and shoot everybody.”)


I wonder if I arouse psychotic anxieties in my therapists?