I had a session with my therapist on June 10, 2017. I told the therapist that I felt she had a “lack of attunement” with me — she was not attuned to my needs and feelings. She responded, “I misattune.” I countered, “That’s a play on words.” She looked at me quizzically. I said,”You said, ‘I misattune.'” She said, “Yes, that’s what I said.” I pointed out that the phrase “I misattune” is identical to “I miss a tune.” I explained, “It’s as if you were saying, ‘I don’t hear the music.'”

This seemed to startle her. Immediately, she said, “Our time is up.”

In Der Rosenkavalier, Baron Ochs consults with his lawyer as the Italian singer sings his song.  Baron Ochs misses the tune.