In a previous post I was able to determine though the psychoanalysis of a dream I had that a former treating psychiatrist, Stanley Palombo, M.D. is the idealized father in my family romance fantasy.

I wrote: “These are the thoughts I memorialized upon awakening from my dream. The following thoughts, in the context of the dream material, suggest that Dr. Palombo is the imagined recipient of my letters, the idealized father of my family romance fantasy. The letters do not appear to have any relation to my current therapist, except to the degree they are a reaction to my fears of maternal engulfment aroused by the female therapist.”

The idea of “going home” in my dream corresponds to the home of the Gods, Valhalla, in Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung.

Confirmation for that conjecture is the following letter I wrote in 1994 to my then-treating psychiatrist, Dimitrios Georgopoulos, M.D. at GW. In that letter, the gods of Wagner’s Ring — dwelling in their home, Valhalla — are seen as the idealized parents of the family romance fantasy.

These ideas parallel ideas in my book, Significant Moments, where the psychoanalyst Jeffrey Masson writes about an interest in “the family life of the gods.” I then associate, in Significant Moments, to Masson’s chance first encounter with a pair of psychoanalysts — at their home! — while he was an undergraduate student at Harvard.