“It should be noted that disturbances in each developmental line might lead to similar symptoms, but require different treatments, and they respond differently to the same therapeutic interventions. For example, excessive striving for recognition might lead to isolation and loneliness, a state similar to that of an abandoned, relation-seeking person. The introjective person needs help to reconsider his/her striving towards independence, whereas the anaclitic person is in need of safety and support. Early studies (such as the Austen Riggs study and re-analysis of data from the Menninger Psychotherapy Research Project and from the Treatment of Depression Collaborative Research Program) pointed at the necessity of different therapeutic interventions for patients with different personality configurations. Introjective patients were more responsive to interpretive–exploratory interventions and changed primarily in the area of clinical symptoms, whereas anaclitic patients were more responsive to supportive interventions and showed improved quality in their interpersonal relationships.”

Do these observations not support the view that I need an analytic, interpretive approach?