Section 6 of the letter is absolutely amazing !! I am able to link up OJ Simpson to my problems with my therapist !! Can you freaking imagine?


What’s truly amazing is that in the following letter I am literally The Time Traveler going back 25 years to battle a corrupt sewer of an organization (think of the Morlocks in their subterranean realm!!) and incompetent court system.

Do oral issues underlie my whistle-blowing activities?   The ancient Romans had an expression: Nomen omen !  The name is a sign.   Is whistle blowing (literally done with the mouth) motivated by an investment of oral libido?   Is the whistle-blower expressing and defending against oral impulses as described by Calef and Weinshel?

Calef and Weinshel found that “[i]n the regression from the oedipal impulses some, perhaps many, people retreat to the introjective (oral) mode of defense. The authors describe, under the rubric of “gaslighting,” an outcome of the introjective defense in which a victim (whistleblower?) and a victimizer join psychological modes in expressing and defending themselves against oral, incorporative impulses (greed) (think of Brooksley Born and over the counter SWAPS!!), each in his or her own way. ” Calef, V. and Weinshel, E. “Some clinical consequences of introjection: gaslighting.”

Whoa!  Dr. Palombo is brilliant.  But apparently I’m even smarter.  What does that tell you about me?