1. Therapist mentions dream, suggesting that I feel she is too young for me to be an effective therapist.


— what about Dr. [redacted]?

— why does she keep coming back to the issue of age?

–speculative twist on the attachment dance between me and my mother which therapist mentions. Does therapist see me as symbolic of her father? Possible relevance of master’s thesis on psychology of sexual molesters — psychosexual issues with father? Idealized perception of mother seen in college major?: gender and women’s studies? How does her interest in gender and women’s studies influence her orientation as therapist?

(a.) Unconscious dance between me and therapist?: Are my letters invested with phallic libido? Does this tie into he psychosexual concerns — possible concerns that center on her psychosexual relationship with her father?

2. “What comes through in your letters is that you are emphatic that your letters have nothing to do with me.”

–never said that. Concern is therapist’s interpretation that because I was not getting what I wanted from mother, I acted out to get a reaction, even a negative reaction. She then goes on to suggest that the same dynamic underlies my letters to her.

— concern with therapist’s distortions of what I say.

3. “Week after week you have different explanations for why you write letters.”

— what about overdetermination?