I was mystified by a former treating psychiatrist’s perception of my mental status. I believed I had serious character pathology, but Dr. Palombo used to seem to minimize that. He tried to persuade me to take up the practice of law. Dr. Palombo was a leading psychiatrist/psychoanalyst. I should know. I wrote his Wikipedia biography!!


In 1976 my father was hospitalized in Philadelphia with severe heart disease. Doctors planned to perform a coronary artery bypass procedure. A few weeks before the surgery, his doctor — possibly Gerald Lemole, head of the cardiothoracic surgery team at Temple Hospital — said to my father, “For a man your age (69), you’d be in excellent health if it weren’t for your heart.” A few weeks later my father died, following heart surgery.

Maybe that’s the way top notch doctors think. I have a problem with doctors.