Wednesday, July 13, 1977.  I carried with me the recollection that on this evening PBS broadcast a performance of Franz Liszt’s Faust Symphony,  Leonard Bernstein conducting the Boston Symphony.  I was enthralled by the hour-long piece, which I had never heard before.   Days later I purchased a recording.   I remembered the date because it was the evening of the 1977 New York City blackout.  All of New York City went dark that night and the rest of the next day.

This afternoon I decided to try to confirm that recollection.  Lo and behold, I Googled a query and came up with a television listing in a San Antonio newspaper.  Yes, my recollection was correct!!



In fact, that very performance is on YouTube.  Bernstein is 59 years old in the video.

I also remember that in September 1982, at age 28, I went to a performance of the Faust Symphony at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, Ricardo Muti conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. I was so taken in with the performance that I went to a second performance a few days later.

Another interesting issue. Apparently, I was thinking about this because the NYC blackout in 1977 triggered looting. My thoughts were apparently triggered by the recent looting in Minneapolis.

I am so intrigued by memory and associations: Recent looting in Minneapolis → looting in NYC in 1977 → the night of July 13, 1977 → the broadcast of Liszt’s Faust Symphony. I need to see a psychoanalyst who has an interest in dreaming and memory.

Here’s a documentary about the 1977 blackout. The opening of the video talks about the looting.