Mr. Cades taught me how to be a writer.  And not in a nice way.

I’ll never forget this.  It was in ninth grade English.  Beginning of the term.  I was a 13-year-old kid.  He was impressed by a paragraph I wrote about a car.  He had me read the paragraph in front of the class.  After I finished he said, “That’s worth an A-.”  And I thought, “Wow! An A- from Cades!”  Then moments later he said, “No.  I’m going to make that a B+.  You referred to a ‘car roof.’  Cars don’t have roofs.  Cars have a top.  You should have said ‘car top.'”  WTF?

And that was Elliot Cades — on a good day.  That’s why I was so impressed (and envious) of Feldman.  How did Feldman do that?


Mr. Cades’ brother, Russell, distinguished Hawaii lawyer.


The Cades Award for Writing

The Cades Awards, given annually since 1988, were created by Charlotte and J. Russell Cades in memory of his brother Elliot, a teacher and lover of literature. The awards come with a substantial cash prize for the winners.

Mr. Cades died in about 1986.  He was about 83.

Everything Books: 04-19-18

Russell Cades’ law partner, Jeff Portnoy.


I wonder if Russell Cades was a surfer?

And, by the way: