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Eva Wagner-Pasquier, a great-granddaughter of the composer, was represented in 2015 by German Hogan & Hartson lawyer, Peter Raue in her ongoing legal disputes with the Wagner clan.


“Zwischen 2001 und 2010 war Raue Seniorpartner der internationalen Sozietät Hogan & Hartson LLP mit Stammsitz in Washington. Im Rahmen der Fusion von Hogan & Hartson mit Lovells verließ Peter Raue die Kanzlei und gründete zusammen mit rund 40 weiteren Anwälten aus den Berliner und Münchner Büros von Hogan & Hartson eine eigene Kanzlei, die den Namen Raue LLP trägt.”

Überraschung in Berlin: Hogan-Partner gründen Raue Rechtsanwälte

Peter Raue, born in Munich in 1941, was the son of a half-Jewish father. Under Nazi law, the family would have been considered Jewish. I don’t know how they evaded an unhappy outcome.

Wikipedia states: “Weil sein leiblicher Vater Wolfgang Vrieslander in der Diktion der Nationalsozialisten ein Halbjude war, wurde seinen Eltern im Jahr 1941 die Eheschließung untersagt. Erst im Alter von 35 Jahren erfuhr Raue von der Identität seines Vaters.”

Speaking of his Jewish roots, Peter Raue himself stated: “Schon als Junge glaubte ich an jüdische Wurzeln in meinem Leben.”

Interestingly, Raue serves as Chairman of the James Simon Foundation. Who was James Simon? Funny you should ask. James Simon (1851-1932) was a German-Jewish entrepreneur, art collector, philanthropist and patron of the arts under the Kaiser. He donated most of his significant collections to the Berlin State Museums, including the famous Nefertiti bust.

Simon had an interesting association with the Jewish community in Germany. The son of a well-off Jewish cotton merchant, he became a partner with his father in 1876. Though a reserved man, Simon played an influential role in German society, especially by his participation at a regular round table with Emperor Wilhelm II. Simon and other invitees like Albert Ballin and Carl Fürstenberg as well as Emil and Walther Rathenau discussed economic life and tried to give the emperor an understanding of a Jewish perspective on social issues. Their close relationship with the erratic ruler was criticized by Zionist contemporaries and they were later mocked as the “Emperor’s Jews” (Kaiserjuden) by Chaim Weizmann.

James Simon died in Berlin and is buried at the Jewish cemetery on Schönhauser Allee in Prenzlauer Berg. Wilhelm II sent a wreath from his Dutch exile.

Eva Wagner’s 38-year-old son, Antoine is a filmmaker who has lived in the United States. Interestingly, he speaks English without a German accent. (And, by the way, is that Geier’s red hair on Antoine? Ludwig Geier was composer Richard Wagner’s stepfather (and possible biological father). Wagner believed that Geier was Jewish. Geier had red hair.) I remember reading of Antoine saying his mother, Eva Wagner, used to take him along to the Festival Theater when he was a kid while she directed rehearsals of the operas. It’s the family business.

Eva Wagner’s English-born grandmother, Winifred with Hitler at the 1939 Festival. Winifred Wagner, who directed the pre-war Festival, was banned from the Festival by the American occupying force after World War II. I think she was not even permitted to step foot in the theater. What a family!