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Record purchase by sister in November 1965:

Saturday, December 25, 1965.  Christmas Day.  I was a seventh grade student and had turned 12 two days earlier.   I was in junior high school and had started studying French months earlier, in September.  My school supplied a learning tool to students studying foreign languages: interactive phonograph records.   My family didn’t own a record player, and my mother purchased a low cost record turntable to help me with my studies.

At Christmas each year, my mother exchanged presents with our neighbor, Goldie Schwartz, who had two boys.  This year, Goldie gave me a set of five classical music records.  Though I discarded the set years ago, I remember it included the Tchaikovsky first piano concerto, the Dvorak New World Symphony, and Beethoven’s fifth symphony.   Also that year, Aunt Zelda told my mother, “Let Gary buy a phonograph record of music he likes, and I’ll reimburse you.”  I recall the record I purchased with my aunt’s money was a collection of music by Tchaikovsky: The 1812 Overture, Marche Slave, and Capriccio Italien. 

My sister’s boyfriend, Eddie told my sister that my mother was spoiling me with phonograph records, but at that time my phonograph collection comprised records purchased solely as gifts by people other than my mother!