Deborah E. Lipstadt is Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University. They made a movie about Professor Lipstadt.

She grew up in Far Rockaway, Queens. I wonder if she knew Mrs. Palsgraf?

Professor Lipstadt:

May I interest you to take a look at an unusual, brief memoir I recently published: A Meeting of Joyce and Proust? I grew up in a mixed heritage family. My father had an Orthodox Jewish background and my mother was Polish Catholic. The text is on The link is

Regards and stay safe!

Gary Freedman
Washington, DC

I burst out laughing every time I hear this:

SYLVIE: Dad, I want you to meet my boyfriend, Nick. Nick Eichmann.

LOTHAR: Nick Eichmann? The name sounds familiar.

SYLVIE: Yeah, Nick is a common name.