I sent the following email to Professor Benjamin Schreier on Saturday. Dr. Schreier is a Professor of English and Jewish Studies, Director of Penn State’s Jewish Studies Program, and Editor of “Studies in American Jewish Literature.”

He’s a graduate of Swarthmore College. He probably knows David Rosenbaum and my French friend, François Picard.


Dr. Scheier writes: “I regularly teach undergraduate courses on American literature, Jewish American literature, ethnic literature, critical reading, and American comedy.”


Dr. Schreier:

I am a 1975 Penn State graduate (B.A. Journalism). I wrote to you back in 2016.

May I interest you to take a look at an unusual, brief memoir I recently published: A Meeting of Joyce and Proust? I grew up in a mixed heritage family. My father had an Orthodox Jewish background and my mother was Polish Catholic. The text is on academia.edu. The link is


Regards and stay safe!

Gary Freedman
Washington, DC