August 15, 2017
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Apartment 136
Washington, DC 20008

The Honorable José M. López
Presiding Judge
Domestic Violence Division
D.C. Superior Court
500 Indiana Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Judge López:

There is evidence that I committed a felony against the Government of the United States on August 3, 2017. There is evidence that I am engaged in a long-term scheme to defraud the federal government of up to a half million dollars in public monies.

Essential to my apparent ongoing fraud scheme was an apparently perjured affidavit that was the basis of a Civil Protection Order issued against me by Judge Judith A. Smith on July 28, 2016, one year ago.

Said affidavit was filed by Petitioner xxxxxxxx, M.D. xxxxx v. Freedman, 2016 CPO 002862. Representing Dr. xxxxxxx was Molly Evans, Esq. (Feldesman Tucker), an attorney licensed to practice in the District of Columbia. Dr. xxxxxxx is licensed by the D.C. Board of Medicine. Said protection order and the underlying affidavit have been essential to my apparent ongoing fraud scheme. To the extent that Judge Smith exonerated an act of perjury suborned by a DC-licensed attorney, she exceeded her judicial power.

May I respectfully inquire: Should Superior Court be in the business of issuing bogus protection orders that enable Respondent to promote a fraud scheme against the Government of the United States?

I enclose a collection of pertinent documents.

May I request that you review this matter with the U.S. Attorney?


Gary Freedman